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Jeremy Powers.     2/11/2020
Jeremy Powers. 2/11/2020
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Phil Rich will fight for you with no b.s. while treating you with respect being your friend to get you paid & protected!!
RANDY NOAKES.     10/5/2019
RANDY NOAKES. 10/5/2019
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Mr. Rich is an expert in his field and Michelle is amazing an extremely knowledgable also. Can't say enough about how good I was treated!
Jim Curtis.     3/5/2019
Jim Curtis. 3/5/2019
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I’ve used Phil twice now, once on a workers comp case and then again on a disability case. Both times they were friendly, helpful and professional. Phil won both my cases and now is working on my wife’s disability case. I highly recommend him for your cases
Amy miller.     2/29/2019
Amy miller. 2/29/2019
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He's a good person and will help you get back on your feet. Need help this is the lawyer for you
Malynda Mello.     8/4/2018
Malynda Mello. 8/4/2018
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Good progress
Raoul Drum.     7/6/2018
Raoul Drum. 7/6/2018
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Phil did a great job with my case.
Scott Wilhoit.     0/31/2018
Scott Wilhoit. 0/31/2018
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Top notch legal service!
Phillipe Rich.     1/10/2017
Phillipe Rich. 1/10/2017
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As the owner, I can tell you that we treat our clients like family. We work tirelessly to get you the benefits you deserve.